Tan Guide & Tips

Our spray tan solution can be left on for longer than the develop time for a darker tan and will keep developing for 8 hours once washed off.


Tips for a professional tan or self tan

 Before your tan

- If you are new to tanning, it is a good idea to do a trial tan at least 3 weeks before your actual event. That way you can see how you will look, how the colour suits you, how long the tan will last and you can see if you are happy with the colour or would like to be darker or lighter. The tan reacts differently to everybody’s skin so it’s a good idea to test it out in advance.

- You will need to wax at least 48 hours before spray tanning but shaving can be done as little as a few hours prior to the tan ​

- Exfoliate your body with gloves, a loofah or a body brush, to remove the dead skin cells, within 12 hours of getting your tan or use our Golden Goddess Tan Tan Eraser with your exfoliating glove at least 12 hours before to polish your skin ready for your tan. Pay special attention to the neck area and dry skin areas such as elbows and feet. If you don’t exfoliate well on the neck, the tan can show up uneven in that area. If you have had a spray tan before and find that your elbows and knees go quite a bit darker than the rest of your body then you may want to apply a small amount of moisturiser to these areas, avoid putting moisturiser on the rest of your body before your tan. ​

- Don’t have any deodorant, make up, perfume or jewellery on when you tan. Some deodorants are water proof so pay special attention to this and wash under your arms with a lot of soap and water to make sure all deodorant is removed. ​


After your tan 

- Ensure that you wear loose fitting clothing and shoes after your spray tanning session. If you wear anything tight tan lines will imprint into the tan. Be prepared not to wear your bra home if going to a salon for your tan. Check out our Golden Goddess Tan Spray Tan Dresses which are light weight and are double around the breast area and longer at the back. ​

- Make sure you are very careful for the first hour that the tan is on your skin so you don’t wreck it. It is important to be careful for that first hour, after then it gets harder to wreck, but still be careful. Make sure that you also don’t splash any water on you while the solution is developing. ​

- Leave your tan on for the desired time, the longer you leave it on for the darker it will go. If going to a salon, the technician will let you know how long to leave on for. It could be anywhere from 1 hour to sleeping in it. The average time though is 2-3 hours. ​

- You will get dark while the tan is on your skin and developing, that is just the bronzer and you won't be that dark when you wash it off. You will not be able to tell how dark you will go, it is all trial and error. ​

- When it is time to wash off your tan it is best to have a quick lukewarm shower (the hotter the shower the lighter the tan will wash off) make sure you wash it all off evenly and when the water runs clear hop out of the shower and then pat dry. Do not use any soaps or body washes, only water. If you have any streaks on you when you get out of the shower you haven't washed it off properly, get back in and wash again. ​

- You will notice that when you wash it off you will look like you have washed most of the tan off but don’t worry, the tan keeps developing for another 8 hours after you wash it off so you will find you will be darker and the right colour the next day. Try not to exercise or have another shower in this 8 hours. ​

- Make sure to moisturise daily so your tan can last longer and fade evenly. Try our Golden Goddess Tan Tan Extender to make your tan last longer. Avoid sweating, swimming pools, spas and hot showers which can make the tan come off your skin quicker. Once the tan starts to come off you can exfoliate with your loofah or use the Golden Goddess Tan Tan Eraser. ​ If you follow these tips you will achieve a gorgeous tan!