How a fake tan can actually be good for your health!

Getting a natural tan these days gets a bad rap for obvious reasons. Though fake tanning can also get a bad rap thanks to the media and mis-informed know-it-all's. But the fake tan industry has come a long way since the days of nasty ingredients and orange hands. 

The media love to scare you and make a big deal about things. I see a lot of headlines such as ‘The Dangers of a Fake Tan’ and articles that talk about the chemicals and fumes from a fake tan, but I never see articles that talk about why a fake tan can be beneficial for your health so I wanted to debunk the myth today, that a fake tan can be bad for you.

Working in my salon for the last 10 years these are the common concerns that people would have about spray tanning:

- They will go orange or it will look fake 

- The tan is drying and bad for their skin 

- Worried about the chemicals

- The tan will clog their pores

- The fumes are bad 

I thought I would address these concerns with examples of how a fake tan can actually be good for your health: 

  • Beneficial for your mental health!    Yes! My favourite one! I love getting a spray tan every week as it makes me feel good.  It might sound weird to some, but having my tan each week is what I do for myself.  Some get their hair or nails done to feel better, I get my tan.   I love the way a tan makes me feel healthy, confident and I appear skinnier!  I also like the way it hides my acne and cellulite. Don’t forget the compliments you can get with your tan too! If you are worried about going orange as you are quite pale, choose a light colour and don't leave it on for long. A good spray tan technician will help you to choose the right colour for your skin tone. 
  • Your not laying out in the sun for hours trying to get a natural tan!  The obvious one, your getting a fake tan so your not laying out in the sun under UV rays trying to get a real tan which can lead to premature ageing, sun spots, skin damage and skin cancer.  
  • Ingredients are really good for your skin!   Golden Goddess Tan products are made with your skin in mind and are beneficial for your skin!  All our products are EcoCert certified organic and are made with 80% water. They also have 100% natural DHA, naturally derived multi-vitamins A, C & E, a wide variety of fruit extracts and a complex blend of rich lavish oils including argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. All which are moisturising, hydrating and healing for your skin. Our products contain no Parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, harmful glycols, sulphates and petrochemicals such as DEA or TEA.  Also regular tanning forces you to exfoliate each week!
  • You wear less make up!   Having fake tan on my face hides my acne and gives me a look of an even glowing skin tone. Therefore I don't feel like I have to spend time in the morning putting on foundation, concealer and powder each day clogging my pores! That layer of tan makes me feel like I already have that on. 

An important note regarding the fumes and inhalation: When you get a spray tan, most salons have extraction systems which sucks in the overspray of a tan, it is important that they have this to reduce the mess a spray tan can leave behind and improve the air quality. The time it takes for you to get a spray tan is quite quick and the amount you inhale is very low. All Golden Goddess Tan products have 100% naturally derived DHA and ingredients. You would inhale a lot worse driving through a tunnel in the city!  If the salon has a proper extraction system and use an all natural tan then you have nothing to worry about.  Though, if you are still worried you can get little nose plugs or use a self tan mousse to make you feel better! 


Keep an eye out for our next weekly post!

Lauren xx 


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