Tips for tanning in the extreme heat

I've been getting a lot of messages from you all about tips for tanning clients in the extreme heat! I thought I would share some tips with you on how to look after yourself and clients this summer. 

Technician care:

I am more worried about my technicians tanning in the heat. When I tan clients, if I'm not in the cool, I really struggle and I got quite hot when I tanned. It was always the worst doing mobile tans in the extreme heat. Please make sure you stay hydrated by taking water with you, dress appropriately and put on the air conditioning when you can!  If you get to someones house and they don't have air conditioning, then there is nothing you can really do. If they do, suggest they turn it on. If they say to tan you outside, say it is not safe for you to do so! You shouldn't be made to tan out in the heat plus it will ruin their tan if they start sweating. They will normally listen to you.

Client care:

Check that the client didn't put on any deodorant, if they did (which is more than likely due to the heat, offer them a baby wipe to wipe it off) otherwise the tan will go green under there. If a client turns up sweaty, hand them a towel to dry themselves off. Normally a client shouldn't sweat when you tan them as they get quite cool from the spray tan, but if they do, just get your brush and blend the tan back in if it starts to run. Make sure you let your client know to stay cool once they leave. Tell them to put the air conditioning on in the car on the way home. Let them know if they start to sweat they can get a clean make up brush and brush the tan back in.

Tan needs to go on in a cool environment:

If you have a salon you need to make sure it is cool. Having air conditioning is needed as the tan needs to go on the skin in a cool environment, so if you don't have it make sure you get a portable air conditioner or something similar to keep your room cool. Fans aren't that great as they may affect the tan going on. If you do have a fan, don't have it facing you or the client as it will affect the spray.

Keep an eye out for our next post!

Lauren xx 


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