From the Founder of Golden Goddess Tan

Hi and welcome to my first blog post!

Firstly I should introduce myself and explain what my blog posts are going to be about! 

My name is Lauren Hayward and I am the founder of Golden Goddess Tan! My goal was to create a spray tan company of professional quality that provided a natural tan that was fast drying. It was important to me that the tan was good for your skin, so an organic certified tan that was also animal friendly was important. I'm also a mum, wife and carer. 

I will be sharing my expertise and experiences for people who LOVE to fake tan and mums who just want to make some extra money! 


I will be posting weekly on topics to do with the following:

- Tanning tutorials, tips and tricks 

- Why organic and animal friendly products are important 

- Starting a business from scratch

- Side hustles and how to make money from home - Legitimately

- My personal struggles with mental health and survival 

- Juggling being a mum and running a business 


A little about me and why I can help you:

My tanning obsession started from an early age, I was a very pale teenager that was never comfortable in her own skin. Going through puberty I had puppy fat and acne. If I went out into the sun, I would burn. I had never had a real tan in my life. I discovered a tube of self tan in my mum's bathroom.  I rubbed it on my skin, I had no idea what I was doing but I must have had done a good job as I looked great, well I thought I did anyway! I have since tanned myself nearly every week since! Having a tan boosted my confidence and I thought it made me look skinnier and it also hid my acne!  I was loving the look of a golden "sun-kissed" tan. 

After I left school I got a job at Napoleon Perdis, but I hated working for other people. I couldn't stand the bitchy side of working in a female dominant industry. I would always come home in tears, would hate going to work every day and was hardly making any money. I knew how to get myself out of this and would always come up with ideas on what I could do, what businesses I could start, but my confidence kept me back.

In 2009 with the encouragement from my parent's and husband I took a chance and started my own beauty business, Golden Goddess Beauty & Tanning.  My first three clients were sisters, I went to their home to spray them and I remember thinking, if they love it, I'll continue, if they hate it I won't. Guess what, they loved it! This really boosted my confidence! I started off doing mobile spray tans and make up that eventually led me to do a beauty therapy and hair styling course. I would then go on to build a salon in my home.

The first few years were pre-Instagram and the early stages of Facebook, business was very slow and I think that's when a lot of people give up, but I didn't, I started some side hustles to get me through that turned into profitable businesses. I ran Golden Goddess Beauty & Tanning for the next ten years and was very successful. I even won the Best Home Business Award in 2018 in our local council awards. In 2019 I sold my salon as we moved interstate and that's when I created Golden Goddess Tan. 


5 Things I Tell Myself:

- Don't give up, things always get better

- Don't let your lack of self-confidence hold you back

- Don't let fear and self-doubt overcome you 

- Take chances and every opportunity 

- It's ok to fail, you can learn from it 


The aim of my blog is to share my experience, knowledge and help you achieve success! I am here to help you! Keep an eye out for our next weekly post!

Lauren xx 


Please get involved by commenting on our blog, asking me questions or sending me suggestions!  Feedback is appreciated and encouraged. 

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