10 Top Tips For Your Bridal Spray Tan

Your bridal spray tan is going to be the most important spray tan of your life! You have planned everything else perfectly for the big day, so of course you are wanting your spray tan to be perfect too! You want to be looking back at your photo's in decades to come, loving how you look! Here are my top 10 tips for to make your wedding day tan perfect:

1. GET A TRIAL - This is the most important tip, especially if you have never had a spray tan before or only a couple. You need to have your spray tan trial at least 8 weeks before your wedding day, this is to ensure you are happy with the colour and have enough time to get another trial if need be.  You could get the tan for your hen's or bridal shower so it doesn't go to waste. You should be aware of what colour you go, how many hours you leave the tan on and whether you prefer the tan the next day or 2 days later. Once you work out this info, follow it exactly for your wedding day tan. 

2. TRY WEDDING DRESS ON WITH TAN - If you can, do your spray tan trial when you go wedding dress shopping! It is best to go shopping for a wedding dress with a spray tan on as the colour of your skin can determine what colour dress you choose. White, ivory and champagne coloured wedding dresses suit tanned and olive skin, where as ivory is more suited to pale skin tones. If you have a spray tan, you have more of a choice. Also you get to see what the dress will look like with a tan on as the dress can look completely different without a spray tan. Don't forget how confident you feel with a tan on too, so you may feel better within yourself while trying dresses on.

3. NO MANICURE OR PEDICURE - Yes you can get your nails done! Just no manicure or pedicure, or if you have too, have them not use any moisturiser and don't soak your feet or hands. If they use moisturiser or soak your skin it can affect how the spray tan will go on, so please just get them to focus on the nails and not touch your skin. Your nails need to be done before your spray tan, if it is done after, some products can take the tan off. The spray tan will not wreck or stain your newly painted nails, when you get your spray tan just wipe your nails after with a tissue and the excess tan will wipe straight off. 

4. HAIR COLOURED BEFORE TAN - Your hair should be coloured before your spray tan, due to the colour the hairdresser will put on your hair which always ends up around your face either when they apply it or wash it off, this will strip the tan right off! So book in your hair colour before your spray tan appointment. 

5. HAIR REMOVAL BEFORE - You shouldn't be shaving or waxing after your tan, it will strip the tan right off! Laser hair removal can't be performed while you have a spray tan on, so this will have to be done before your tan.  All waxing and shaving will need to be done before your tan also.  Waxing needs to be done at least 48 hours before your spray tan appointment as their is a chance the wax and oil can still be on your skin and will make the spray tan go on patchy. It is best to shave 24hrs before your tan to give time for your pores to close. 

6. EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE! - Please exfoliate before your tan! Especially if you have previous tan on. You do not want any left over tan on your skin when you come in to your appointment. You should use our Golden Goddess Tan Eraser to get the stubborn parts off. Use with our Tan Removal Mitt for best results! Exfoliating your skin with a proper spray tan exfoliating mitt will take off the dead skin cells and any dry skin which will give your skin the best base for a spray tan to go on. You can exfoliate 24 hours to right up before your tan for best results. 

7. USE A PRIMER BEFORE YOUR SPRAY TAN - You want your tan to go on perfectly and streak free! You have just exfoliated and now you should be applying a primer just before your spray tan to make sure your skin is at the right pH for your tan to go on perfectly. Having a high or low skin Ph will affect the colour and how the tan will go on. Our Tan Extender is also a Tan Primer! Apply the Tan Primer all over your skin with a mitt or your hands just after your shower right before your tan.  

8. AVOID CHEAP BODY WASH - When washing your spray tan off, don't use any body wash or soap, just use water! But for the next day make sure you check your body wash ingredients that they don't have 'Sodium Laurel Sulphate' in it.  It is usually the first or second ingredient after water. This is also called 'Palm oil' and is terrible for your skin and will strip your tan off. Most supermarket or even some brands we love will have it in there. Though there are a lot more better products on the market now and if you check the ingredients before you buy you'' be able to find one easy! Your best bet is to use a goats milk body wash or an all natural product to keep your tan looking the best!  

9. WASH YOUR TAN OFF WITH A LUKE WARM SHOWER - When it's time to wash your spray tan off, make sure you have a luke warm shower. I know it's hard especially in winter or at night but your tan will thank you for it! When you wash your tan off with hot water it will wash off lighter, washing your tan off with cooler water will keep the right colour. Also be aware of how you stand in the shower, don't let the water constantly hit your chest as it will make it lighter there and make sure you lift your arms up and turn slowly around in a circle making sure the water gets the tan off everywhere.  If you get out of the shower and you have streaks anywhere on your body that were not there before, get back in and wash again as you haven't washed all the tan off! 

10. MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! - Use our Golden Goddess Tan Extender to extend the life of your tan and avoid it going patchy. Our tan extender maintains the pH of your skin and keeps it the perfect pH for the tan to last. Start using the Tan Extender daily, the day after your spray tan appointment.

BONUS TIP - Make sure you bring something loose to wear to your spray tan appointment! Our My Tan Dress is the best option to put on after a tan, or you can wear a loose top and loose shorts. Be prepared not to wear a bra or shoes home. If it is raining, wear loose trackies!

 Keep an eye out for our next post!

Lauren xx 


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